Hospital Activities

This subgroup includes: - Short-term and long-term hospital services, such as medical, diagnostic, and treatment activities of general hospitals (e.g., public and regional hospitals, nonprofit organization hospitals, college hospitals, military hospitals, and prison hospitals) or specialized hospitals (e.g., psychiatric hospitals, hospitals for victims of violence, infectious disease hospitals, maternity hospitals, and specialized sanatoriums). These activities are provided for patients and are directly supervised by medical doctors. They include:Medical and healthcare services - Laboratory and technical facilities services, including radiology and anesthesia - Nuclear medicine, diagnostic and interventional radiology, and radiotherapy services - Emergency care units - Provision of operating rooms, pharmacies, food services, and other hospital services - Family planning centers providing medical services such as sterilization and pregnancy termination with accommodation This subgroup does not include: - Laboratory testing and examination of product and material types, except for medical laboratories, see 7120 - Veterinary services, see 7500 - Health services for military personnel in the field, see 8422 - Dental health services, both general and specialized such as dentistry, pediatric dentistry, oral pathology, and orthodontics, see 8620 - Personal consultation activities with inpatients, see 8620 - Testing in medical laboratories, see 8690 - Ambulance transportation activities, see 8690

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