Permit for the Distribution of Locally Produced Fresh Plant Origin Food (PSAT-PD) (New Application/Renewal)

  • UMCU Details
    • Parameter: Business Unit According to Provincial Location
    • Authority: Governor
  • Requirements
    1. 1. Application letter for PSAT-PD Marketing Authorization
    2. Duration: -
    3. 2. Fill out Product Information Form
    4. Duration: -
    5. 3. Lease agreement for the handling unit of PSAT with lease status
    6. Duration: -
    7. 4. SPPB-PSAT at a minimum level 2 in accordance with the scope of PSAT-PD handling
    8. Duration: -
    9. 5. Statement of maintaining SPPB-PSAT if the validity period of SPPB-PSAT is less than 5 years
    10. Duration: -
    11. 6. Safety Test Report of PSAT from a laboratory accredited by KAN as required by the regulations
    12. Duration: -
    13. 7. Label and packaging design
    14. Duration: -
    15. 8. Flowchart of PSAT handling
    16. Duration: -
    17. 9. Evidence of compliance with claims for products with claims
    18. Duration: -
    19. 10. Quality Test Results Report for regulated PSAT
    20. Duration: -
  • Obligations
Sector: Agriculture
Status: Available
Belongs to:

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