Wholesale and Retail Trade; Repair and Maintenance of Cars and Motorcycles

This category includes economic activities in the field of wholesale and retail trade, which involves the sale of various types of goods without technical modification and the provision of accompanying services related to the sale of these goods. Both wholesale (bulk trade) and retail (end-consumer sales) are the final stages in the distribution of merchandise. This category also covers the repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles. Sales without technical modification also encompass related trade activities, such as sorting, quality separation, arrangement of goods, mixing, bottling, packaging, unpacking from large to smaller sizes, storage (both refrigerated and non-refrigerated), cleaning, and drying of agricultural produce, cutting of sheets of wood or metal, and more. Wholesale trade involves the resale (without technical modification) of both new and used goods to retailers, industries, businesses, institutions, or professional users, or to other wholesalers, or acting as agents or brokers in the purchase or sale of goods, either individually or as companies. Primary forms of this activity include wholesale merchants or wholesale traders, who acquire rights to the goods they sell, such as wholesalers, jobbers, distributors, exporters, importers, cooperative associations, sales offices, and sales branch offices (but not retail stores) operated by industrial or mining enterprises, separate from their industrial or mining locations, for the purpose of marketing their products. This often involves physical gathering, sorting, and quality separation of goods in large quantities, unloading from large sizes and repackaging into smaller sizes, for example, pharmaceutical products; storage, refrigeration, delivery, and installation of goods, engagement in sales promotion for their clients, and label design. Wholesale trade also includes commodity brokers, commission merchants, agents, and collecting, purchasing, and marketing cooperative associations for agricultural products. Retail trade involves the resale (without technical modification) of both new and used goods, primarily to the general public for personal or household consumption or use, through stores, department stores, kiosks, mail-order houses, door-to-door salespeople, itinerant vendors, consumer cooperatives, auction houses, and more. Generally, retail traders acquire rights to the goods they sell, but some retail traders act as agents and sell on a consignment or commission basis.

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