Retail trade, except for motor vehicles and motorcycles.

The items sold in this major group are limited to those that are typically used for personal consumption or retail purposes. Therefore, items that are not typically part of retail trade, such as ores, industrial machinery, and others, are excluded from this major group. This major group also includes units that are primarily engaged in selling merchandise to the general public for personal or household consumption, such as personal computers, office supplies, artwork or frames, even if the sales may not be for personal or household use. Some processing of goods may be involved, but only incidental to selling, such as sorting and repackaging of goods, installation of household equipment, and others. This major group also includes retail sales by commission agents and activities of retail auctioneers. Excluded from this major group are the sale of agricultural products by farmers, manufacturing, and selling their own goods, which are generally classified as manufacturing in major groups 10-32, the retail sale of motor vehicles, motorcycles, and parts, cereal grains, crude oil, chemicals, industrial machinery and equipment, and iron and steel, the retail sale of food and beverages for on-site and take-out consumption, and the rental of personal and household goods to the general public.

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