Basic Iron and Steel Industry

This subgroup includes activities related to metal processing, such as reducing iron ore in blast furnaces and oxygen converters, reducing iron residues and waste in electric furnaces or through direct reduction of iron ore to produce raw steel, which is then melted or refined in a ladle furnace and subsequently poured and solidified in a continuous caster to obtain semi-finished long or flat products. These semi-finished products are used, after reheating, rolling, drawing, and extruding processes, to produce finished products such as boards, sheets, strips, bars, rods, wires, pipes, and hollow profiles. This subgroup covers: - Activities in blast furnaces, steel converters, rolling mills, and finishing. - Production of pig iron in basic forms such as ingots. - Production of mixed iron. - Production of iron products directly reduced from iron ore and other hollow iron products. - Production of iron from purification using electrolysis and other chemical processes. - Production of iron grains and iron powder. - Production of steel billets (ingots) or other basic forms. - Remelting of residual iron or steel ingots. - Production of semi-finished steel. - Hot rolling steel industry. - Hot-rolled beam or section steel industry. - Hot-rolled open-section steel industry. - Beam steel and solid section steel industry resulting from cold drawing, grinding, and turning processes. - Open-section steel industry resulting from progressive cold forming on rolling machines or folding on press machines or flat steel rolling. - Steel wire industry resulting from cold drawing or stretching. - Sheet pile steel or open-section welded steel sheet pile industry. - Railroad steel material industry (unassembled rails). - Steel tube, pipe, and hollow profile industry without welding, resulting from hot rolling, hot drawing, or hot extrusion, cold rolling, or cold drawing. - Welded steel tube and pipe industry resulting from welding and hot or cold forming, as a subsequent process to cold rolling or cold drawing. - Steel pipe fittings industry, such as flat flanges and flanges with a forged collar, butt-welded fittings, threaded fittings, and socket-welded fittings. This subgroup does not include: - Steel tube, pipe, and hollow profile industries, as well as tube or pipe fittings made from cast iron, see 2431. - Steel tube and pipe without welding from the centrifugal casting process, see 2431. - Tube or pipe fittings made from cast steel, see 2431.

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