This subcategory includes the industry of producing glass products.

This subgroup encompasses the manufacturing of glass products using various processes. This subgroup includes: - Glass paving block industry - Glass partition wall industry - Bottle and other glass or crystal container industry - Glass drinking glassware and other household glass or crystal utensil industry - Fiberglass industry, including products made from glass wool and non-woven glass - Glass products for laboratory, pharmaceutical, and health purposes - Wall clock glass or watch glass industry, as well as optical elements that do not function optically - Glass products used in imitation jewelry - Glass insulation and glass insulation fittings industry - Glass industry for lamps - Glass small sculpture or figurine industry This subgroup does not include: - Woven fabric industry from glass yarn, see 1312 - Optical elements that function optically, see 2679 - Optical fiber cable industry for data transmission or image transmission, see 2731 - Glass toy industry, see 3240 - Syringe and other medical laboratory equipment industry, see 3250

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