Public Administration, Defence, and Compulsory Social Security

This category includes government-related activities typically carried out by government administrations. It also covers legal activities and legal translation related to the judiciary and according to its regulations, such as program administration based on legislation, legislative activities, taxation, national defense, state security, immigration services, foreign affairs, and government program administration. This category also includes mandatory social security activities. Legal status or institution is not a determining factor for an activity to be classified under this category as opposed to the activities mentioned earlier. This means that activities classified elsewhere in the KBLI are not included in this category, even if they are also carried out by government bodies. For example, the administration of the school system (regulations, inspections, and curriculum) falls under this category, but teaching itself does not (category P), and prison or military hospitals are classified under the health category (Q). Similarly, some activities mentioned in this category may also be conducted by entities other than government agencies.

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