Other Membership Organization Activities YTDL

This subgroup includes: - Activities of organizations that are not directly affiliated with political parties but focus on community issues or matters using community education, political influence, fundraising, and the like. Examples include protest movements or citizen initiatives (demonstrations), environmental and ecological movements, organizations supporting public facilities and educational facilities, organizations for the protection and advancement of specific groups such as ethnic or minority groups, and patriotic associations including veterans' associations. - Consumer associations or organizations. - Automobile associations or organizations. - Associations or organizations for social knowledge purposes, such as Rotary Clubs and similar organizations. - Youth associations, teenage associations, student associations, clubs, fraternities, and similar groups. - Associations or organizations for cultural, recreational, or hobby activities (other than sports and games) such as poetry, literature, book clubs, history clubs, gardening clubs, photography clubs, music and arts clubs, collectors' clubs and expertise, social clubs, carnival clubs, and more. This subgroup also includes: - Activities involving assistance provided by membership organizations or others. This subgroup does not include: - Activities of professional artists' organizations or groups, see 9002. - Activities of sports clubs, see 9312. - Activities of professional associations, see 9412.

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