Other Entertainment and Recreational Activities YTDL

This subgroup includes other entertainment and recreational activities (excluding amusement parks and themed parks) that are not classified elsewhere: - Activities of recreational parks, beaches, including the rental of facilities such as bathrooms, lockers, seating, and others. - Operational activities of ski hills. - Rental of recreational and entertainment equipment that is an integral part of recreational facilities. - Operational activities of fairs and natural recreational shows. - Operational activities of nightclubs and dance floors. - Other entertainment and recreational activities. - Activities of producers or organizers of live shows other than sports or arts shows, with or without facilities. This subgroup does not include: - Fishing charters, see 5011, 5021. - Provision of short-stay accommodations for visitors in recreational parks, forests, and camping sites, see 5519. - Trailer parks, recreational vehicle parks, camping grounds for recreational use, hunting and fishing camps, campgrounds, and camping areas, see 5519. - Serving of drinks in nightclubs, see 5630. - Rental of recreational and leisure equipment, see 7721. - Operational activities of coin-operated gaming machines, see 9200. - Activities of amusement parks and themed parks, see 9321.

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