Other Social Activities in Residential Care Facilities, etc.

This subgroup includes the provision of social services within residential care facilities and personal care for individuals other than adults, the elderly, and people with disabilities, who are unable to care for themselves or do not wish to live independently. These activities can be carried out by the government or private entities. This subgroup includes: - Round-the-clock activities that provide social assistance for children and certain individuals with limited self-care abilities, where healthcare and education are not the primary focus, such as orphanages, hostels, children's dormitories, temporary shelters, and facilities for unmarried mothers and their children. - Group home rehabilitation activities for individuals with social and personal problems. - Group home rehabilitation activities for individuals with a criminal tendency. - Discipline training facilities (in the form of camps) for certain individuals. This subgroup does not include: - Funding and administration of mandatory social security programs, see 8430. - Care facilities, see 8710. - Residential care for the elderly and people with disabilities, see 8730. - Adoption activities, see 8899. - Temporary residential facilities for disaster victims, see 8899.

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