Private Secondary Education / Aliyah Education

This subgroup includes the provision of education that focuses on long-term human development and offers opportunities for further education, managed by private entities. These education services provide programs that are generally oriented towards fundamental knowledge and skills, using specialized instructors and even hiring teachers to teach specific subjects. Education can be delivered in classrooms or through radio broadcasts, television broadcasts, the internet, and correspondence. Special subjects at this level usually begin to provide educational impact and experiences to follow general programs. These programs are designed to enhance the quality of students entering higher education without specific subject prerequisites. This subgroup includes: - General school education and religious school education at the secondary education level, which fundamentally provides access to higher education. - Special education for students with disabilities at the secondary education level. - Equivalent to High School (Paket C). - Equivalency Education conducted by pesantren for High School-equivalent packages. This subgroup does not include: - Adult education or course-based education, as classified in group 854

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