Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Activities

This subgroup includes: - Translation and interpretation activities. - Business brokerage activities, which involve arranging the purchase and sale of small and medium-sized businesses, including professional practices, but excluding real estate brokers. - Patent brokerage activities, which involve arranging the purchase and sale of patents. - Appraisal activities, excluding real estate and insurance, typically related to items such as antiques and jewelry. - Auditing of accounts and the preparation of tariff information for goods or cargo. - Quantity surveying activities. - Weather forecasting. - Security consulting. - Agricultural consulting (agronomists). - Environmental consulting. - Other technical consulting activities. - Consulting activities other than those provided by architectural, engineering, and management consultants. This subgroup also includes activities conducted by agents or representatives on behalf of individuals involved in the production of motion pictures, theater productions, entertainment, sports events, and the placement of books, games, art, photography, etc., with publishers, producers, etc. This subgroup does not include: - Wholesale trade of motor vehicles through auctions (see 4510). - Online retail auctions (see 4791). - House auctions (retail) (see 4799). - Real estate brokerage activities (see 6820). - Accounting activities (see 6920). - Management consulting activities (see 7020). - Architectural and engineering consulting activities (see 7110). - Technical design activities (see 7110). - Display advertising and other advertising design (see 7310). - The construction of stands and other display structures (see 7310). - The organization of trade fairs and conventions (see 8230). - Retail auctions other than those of commodities and consumer goods (see 8299). - The administration of loyalty programs (see 8299). - Consumer credit counseling and debt counseling (see 8899). - The activities of authors of scientific and technical books (see 9002). - Freelance journalism (see 9002).

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