Wholesale Trade of Other Products, Including Waste and Scrap

This subgroup includes: - Wholesale trade of basic plastic materials. - Wholesale trade of rubber. - Wholesale trade of textile fibers or fibers and others. - Wholesale trade of large quantities of paper. - Wholesale trade of paper and cardboard products. - Wholesale trade of laboratory equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, and medical equipment. - Wholesale trade of precious stones (diamonds, gems, sapphires, etc.). - Wholesale trade of used goods, scraps, and cuttings of metal and non-metal materials for recycling, including collection, sorting, separation, release of still-usable items (such as dismantling cars to obtain usable parts), repacking and re-packing, storage, and delivery, but without significant transformation processes. Moreover, the buying and selling of waste materials still have value. This subgroup also includes: - Dismantling of cars, computers, televisions, and other equipment to obtain and resell usable parts. This subgroup does not include: - Collection of household and industrial waste, see subgroup 381. - Treatment of waste materials not for further use in industrial manufacturing processes but for disposal purposes, see subgroup 382. - Processing of waste materials, cuttings, and other items into secondary raw materials ready for direct use in industrial manufacturing processes but not as final products, see subgroup 3830. - Dismantling of cars for recycling, see subgroup 3830. - Mechanical dismantling of cars, see subgroup 3830. - Shipbreaking, see subgroup 3830. - Retail trade in second-hand goods, see subgroup 4774.

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