Completion of Building Construction

This subgroup includes: - Interior and exterior building or construction project plastering, including related lathing materials - Installation or fitting of doors (excluding automatic and revolving doors), windows, door frames, and window frames made of wood or other materials - Installation of kitchens (kitchen sets), stairs, and similar items - Furniture installation - Interior finishing such as ceilings, wood wall coverings, removable partitions, etc. - Tiling, hanging, or fitting within buildings or other construction projects of ceramics, concrete walls, or floor tiles; parquet (patterned wooden flooring) and wooden floor coverings; linoleum and carpet floor coverings, including rubber or plastic; terrazzo, marble, granite, or wall and floor coverings; wallpaper - Interior and exterior building painting - Civil engineering painting - Installation of glass, mirrors, and other items - Cleaning or tidying up new buildings after construction - Interior installation for shops, mobile homes, boats, etc. - Other building completion activities, n.e.c. This subgroup does not include: - Road painting, see 4210 - Installation of automatic and revolving doors, see 4329 - Interior decoration design activities, see 7412 - General interior cleaning of buildings and similar activities, see 8121 - Specialized interior and exterior building cleaning, see 8129 - Assembly of self-standing furniture, see 9524

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