Water Treatment

This subgroup includes the activities of providing clean water supply and distributing it to households and industrial activities. It also involves the collection of water from various sources and distribution to different areas. The operation of irrigation channels is also included in this subgroup, but the provision of irrigation services through spraying machines and similar agricultural support services is not included in this subgroup. This subgroup includes: - Collection of water from rivers, lakes, wells, etc. - Collection of rainwater - Purification of water for supply or provision of water - Water treatment for industrial and other purposes - Desalination of seawater or groundwater to obtain water as a primary product - Distribution of water by truck or other means - Operation of irrigation channels This subgroup does not include: - Operation of irrigation equipment for agricultural purposes, see 0161 - Wastewater treatment to prevent pollution, see 3701, 3702 - Long-distance water transport through pipelines, see 4930

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