The Other Manufacturing Industries.

This subgroup includes various manufacturing industries, including: - Safety equipment manufacturing, such as protective clothing and fire-resistant clothing, safety belts for wireworkers and other work purposes, life jackets, hard plastic helmets, and other safety equipment made of plastic; fire-resistant clothing; safety helmets and other personal protective equipment made of metal; ear and nose plugs (e.g., for swimming and nose protection); and gas masks. - Broom and brush manufacturing, including brushes that are components of machinery, hand-operated mechanical floor sweepers, brooms, mops, scrubbing brushes, paintbrushes, paint trays and rollers, paint paper, rubber and brush cleaning tools, sweepers, and other cleaning tools. - Shoe and clothing brush manufacturing. - Pen and pencil manufacturing of all types, whether mechanical or not. - Pencil lead manufacturing. - Stamping, sealing, or stamping postage, hand-operated printing equipment or embossed label application, manual printing equipment, typewriter ribbons, and ink pads. - Globe manufacturing. - Umbrella, sunshade, walking stick, seat-stick manufacturing. - Button, hook and eye, snap button, zipper manufacturing. - Cigarette lighter manufacturing. - Personal items manufacturing, such as tobacco pipes, combs, perfume sprayers, vacuum bottles and containers for personal or household use, wigs (false hair), false beards, false eyelashes. - Various item manufacturing, such as candles, tapers, wreaths, circular flower arrangements and flower baskets; artificial flowers, fruits, and leaves, jokes, and novelties, hand sieves and hand riddles, dolls used by seamstresses to dress, coffins, and more. - Taxidermy activities (stuffing animal skins with cotton and others to make them look alive). - Radioisotope production industry. - Uranium fuel element fabrication industry. This subgroup does not include: - Lighter wick manufacturing, see 1399. - Workwear industry (e.g., laboratory jackets, work coats, uniforms), see 1411. - Paper novelties industry, see 1709. - Plastic novelties industry, see 2229.

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