The Medical and Dental Equipment Manufacturing Industry and Its Accessories.

This subgroup includes the industry of laboratory equipment, medical and surgical equipment and its accessories, dental equipment and its accessories, orthodontic items, orthodontic equipment, and dentures. It also includes furniture for medicine and dentistry and similar items, where additional special functions determine the product's purpose, such as dental chairs designed with hydraulic functions. It encompasses: - The industry of sterile fabrics and threads, and tissue paper for surgery - The cement and dental fillings industry (except denture adhesives), dental waxes, and other dental plaster preparations - The bone reconstruction cement industry - The dental laboratory burning furnace industry - The laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine industry - The laboratory sterilizer equipment industry - The laboratory distillation equipment, laboratory centrifugal equipment industry - The furniture industry for medicine, surgery, dentistry, or veterinary medicine, such as operating tables, examination tables, hospital beds with mechanical equipment, and dental examination chairs - The bone plates and screws industry, syringe devices, injection needles, catheters, cannulas, and others - The dental equipment industry (including dental examination chairs integrated with other dental equipment) - The artificial teeth industry, and others made in dental laboratories - The orthopedic and prosthetic equipment industry - The glass artificial eye industry - The medical thermometer industry - The ophthalmic items industry, eyeglasses, sunglasses, prescription lenses, contact lenses, safety goggles (dust, swimming, diving goggles). This subgroup does not include: - The denture adhesive industry, see 2023 - The medical dressing and similar items industry, see 2101 - The electromedical and electrotherapy equipment industry, see 2660 - The wheelchair industry, see 3092.

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