The Jewelry and Related Items Industry.

This subgroup includes: - Pearl jewelry production - Production of precious and semi-precious stone shapes, including the processing of industrial-quality stones and the synthesis or reconstruction of precious or semi-precious stones - Diamond cutting and processing - Jewelry industry made from precious metals or from base metals covered with precious metals, or jewelry made from precious or semi-precious stones or a combination of precious metals with precious or semi-precious stones or other materials - Goldsmithing industry for items made from precious metals or base metals covered with precious metals, such as tableware, shallow dishes, hollow containers, toiletries, office or desk items, or items related to religion and so on - Engineering or laboratory items industry made from precious metals (except instruments and their parts), such as metal melting crucibles, spatulas, electroplating anodes, and so on - Watchbands made from precious metals, cufflinks, watch clasps, and cigarette cases - Coinage industry, including coins used for legal tender, whether made from precious metals or not - Engraving of personal items made from precious metals or non-precious metals. This subgroup does not include: - The non-metal watchbands industry (fabric, leather, plastic, etc.), see 1512 - The industry of base metal items coated with precious metals (except for imitation jewelry), see main group 25 - The watch case industry, see 2652 - The non-precious metal watchbands industry, see 3212 - The imitation jewelry industry, see 3212.

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