The industry of Other Special-Purpose Machinery Manufacturing.

This subcategory includes the manufacturing of special-purpose machinery that is not classified elsewhere. It encompasses the following: - Machinery industry for paper pulp manufacturing. - Machinery industry for paper and paperboard manufacturing. - Machinery industry for drying wood, pulp, paper, or paperboard. - Machinery industry for manufacturing products from paper or paperboard. - Machinery industry for processing rubber or soft plastic or for the production of products from these materials, such as extrusion machines, printers, pneumatic tire-making machines, or vulcanizing tire machines, among others. - Printing and bookbinding machinery industry and machinery for supporting printing on various materials. - Machinery industry for producing tiles, bricks, ceramic adhesive, pipes, graphite electrodes, chalk, cast iron molds, and others. - Semiconductor equipment industry. - Industrial robots performing various tasks for special purposes. - Various machinery and equipment industry for special purposes, such as machines for assembling electric lamps and electronic lamps, tubes or bulbs, machines for producing or hot-working glass or glassware, fiberglass or threads, and machinery or equipment for isotope separation. - Equipment for straightening and balancing tires (except wheel balancers). - Aircraft launching gear, carrier catapults, and related equipment. - Automatic bowling alley equipment industry (e.g., pin-setters). - Roundabouts, swings, shooting galleries, amusement rides, or other game equipment industry. This subcategory does not include: - Household appliances industry, see 2751, 2752, 2753. - Photocopier industry, see 2817. - Machinery or equipment for working with hard rubber, hard plastic, or cold glass, see 2822. - Steel casting industry, see 2823. - Textile printing machinery industry, see 2826.

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