The industry of Textile, Apparel, and Leather Product Machinery Manufacturing.

This subcategory includes: - Textile machinery industry, such as machines for preparation, production, spinning, drawing, pattern-making, or cutting of handmade textile fibers, materials, or threads; machines for textile fiber preparation, such as cotton seed separators, bale breakers, garnetters, cotton spreaders, wool scrubbers, wool carbonizers, combers, carders, roving frames, and others; spinning machines; textile thread preparation machines, such as winding machines, lunging machines, and related machines; weaving machines (loom machinery), including handlooms; knitting machines; machines for making nets, lace, tulle fabric, ribbon weaving, fine-knit fabric, and others. - Machinery or additional equipment for textile machines, such as dobby machines, jacquards, automatic motion-stopping machines, machines with regular change mechanisms, shuttles, and flyer shuttles, and others. - Textile printing machinery industry. - Machinery for processing materials/fabrics, such as washing machines, bleaching machines, drying machines, wrapping machines, finishing machines, and textiles coated and impregnated with materials; rolling, unrolling, folding, plain or serrated fabric cutting machines. - Laundry machinery industry, including ironing machines, including unified press irons, commercial washing machines, and dryers, and dry-cleaning machines. - Sewing machine industry, sewing machine heads, and sewing machine needles (for both household and non-household use). - Machinery industry for the production or finishing of non-woven fabric or felt. - Leather product machinery industry, such as machines for leather or hide preparation, tanning, or processing; machines for making or repairing footwear or other leather products, fur, hide, or skin. This subcategory does not include: - Paper or cardboard industry used in jacquard machines, see 1709. - Household washing machines and dryers, see 2751. - Pressing/calendering machinery industry, see 2819. - Machinery used in bookbinding, see 2829.

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