The industry of Food, Beverage, and Tobacco Processing Machinery Manufacturing.

This subcategory includes: - Agricultural drying machinery industry. - Machinery industry for the dairy industry, such as cream separators, milk processing machines (e.g., homogenizers), milk conversion machines (e.g., cheese makers, and cheese molding machines), and cheese making machines (e.g., homogenizers, molding, pressing). - Machinery industry for rice or grain milling, such as machines for cleaning, selecting, or sorting rice or grains and dried legumes (screening machines, sieving lanes, separators, bean huskers, and others); and machinery for producing flour and foodstuffs (grain milling machines, sifters, flour fillers, blenders, rice husk cleaners, rice milling, peanut crushers, and others). - Machinery industry for pressing and crushing used in the production of wine, apple cider, fruit juice, and others. - Machinery industry for the bread or pasta industry, such as bread ovens, mixers, dough makers, molds, cutters, bread-making machines, and others. - Machinery and equipment industry for processing various foods, such as machines for making candies, cocoa or chocolate, sugar industry machines, beer-making machines, meat and poultry processing machines, fruit and vegetable processing machines, fish processing machines, shellfish and other seafood processing machines; machinery for distillation and purification; and other machinery for food and beverage processing industries. - Machinery industry for the extraction and processing of animal and plant oils and fats. - Machinery industry for tobacco processing and the production of cigarettes and cigars, or for pipe tobacco or chewing tobacco or snuff. - Machinery industry for food processing in hotels and restaurants. This subcategory does not include: - Irradiation equipment industry for milk and food, see 2660. - Packaging machinery industry, see 2819. - Machinery for cleaning, selecting, or sorting eggs, fruits, or other agricultural produce (except dried rice and legume seeds), see 2821.

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