The industry of Other General-Purpose Machinery Manufacturing.

This subcategory includes: - Industrial refrigeration or freezing equipment, including the assembly of its main components. - Air conditioning machine industry, including those for motor vehicles. - Industrial fans not for household use. - Weighing machine industry (except sensitive laboratory weighing machines), such as scales for retail and household use, station scales, continuous weighing scales, weighbridges, and other scales. - Machinery and equipment for the filtration or purification of liquids. - Machinery for projects, dispensing or spraying liquids or powders, such as spray guns, fire extinguishers, sandblasting machines, steam cleaning machines, and others. - Packaging and wrapping machinery industry, such as filling, capping, sealing, wrapping machines, label-making machines, and others. - Machinery for cleaning or drying bottles and machines for mixing air into beverages. - Distillation or rectification machinery for oil refineries, chemical industry, beverage industry, and others. - Heat exchanger machine industry. - Machinery for air or gas liquefaction. - Gas generator industry. - Other rolling machinery and cylinders (except for metal and glass), including calendering machines. - Centrifugal machinery industry (except cream separators and clothes dryers). - Packing machinery and ropes for insulation and similar products made from combinations of materials or the same material layers. - Automatic vending machine industry. - Parts for general-purpose machinery. - Attic ventilation fan industry (gable/dormer fans, roof ventilation, and others). - Tape measures and similar hand tools, non-optical precision machining tools. - Non-electric hand tools and soldering equipment industry. This subcategory does not include: - Sensitive weighing scales/balances (specifically for laboratories), see 2651. - Refrigerators and freezers for household use, see 2751. - Household fans, see 2752. - Electric hand tools and soldering equipment industry, see 2790. - Agricultural spraying machinery industry, see 2821. - Machinery for rolling glass and metal or cylinders thereof, see 2823, 2829. - Agricultural drying equipment industry, see 2825. - Machinery for food filtering or purification, see 2825. - Cream separator machinery industry, see 2825. - Commercial clothes dryer machinery industry, see 2826. - Fabric printing machinery industry, see 2826.

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