Machinery and Equipment Industry

This main category encompasses the manufacturing of machinery and equipment that can operate independently with materials either mechanically or through processes involving heat or material processing (such as lifting, spraying, weighing, or packaging), including their mechanical components that generate and use power and specialized components produced specifically. This main category includes the production of hand tools, stationary or mobile equipment, regardless of whether the equipment is made for industrial, civil and building construction, agricultural, or household purposes. The manufacturing of specialized equipment for passenger or cargo transport within the scope of restrictions is also included here. The distinction between manufacturing machinery for specific purposes, such as machinery exclusively for use in an industry, in ISIC, and machinery for general purposes, such as machinery commonly used across various industries in ISIC, is considered within this main category. This main category also includes the manufacturing of other specialized machinery for specific purposes, not classified elsewhere in the classification, whether used or not in industrial processes, such as amusement park equipment, automated bowling alley equipment, and more. Remanufacturing activities, inherent to each type of machinery, are also included in this main category.

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