Industry of Measuring Instruments, Testing Equipment, Navigation, and Control Equipment.

Here's the translation of the provided paragraph into English: "This subgroup includes the industry of systems and equipment for search, detection, navigation, aeronautical and nautical guidance; regulators and automatic controls for equipment such as heaters, air conditioning, refrigerators, and their accessories; equipment and apparatus for measuring, drawing, indicating, recording, transmitting, and controlling industrial process variables, such as temperature, humidity, pressure, vacuum, combustion, flow, level, viscosity, density, acidity, concentration, and rotation; fluid metering and counting devices (e.g., registers); equipment for measuring and testing electrical characteristics and electrical signals; equipment and systems for chemical or physical composition analysis or concentration testing of gas, liquid, solid, or composite materials, and the measurement and testing equipment thereof. The non-electric measurement, testing, navigation, and examination equipment industry (except simple mechanical devices) falls under this subgroup. This subgroup includes: - Aircraft machinery equipment industry - Automotive emissions testing equipment industry - Meteorological equipment industry - Physical property examination and testing equipment industry - Polygraph machine industry - Equipment for electrical and electrical signal testing (including telecommunications) - Radiation monitoring and detection equipment industry - Proton and electron microscope industry - Survey equipment industry - Glass-encased liquid and bimetal thermometer industry (except medical thermometers) - Humidistat (humidity meter) industry - Hydraulic limit control equipment industry - Fire control equipment and burners industry - Spectrometer industry - Pneumatic gauge industry - Utility metering equipment (e.g., water, gas) industry - Flowmeter and counting device industry - Tally counters industry - Mining detection equipment, signal generators, and metal detectors industry - Aeronautical and nautical search, detection, and navigation equipment industry, including sonobuoys - Radar equipment industry - Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment industry - Environmental control and automatic control equipment for equipment industry - Measurement and recording equipment (e.g., flight recording) industry - Motion detection equipment industry - Laboratory analysis equipment industry (e.g., blood analysis equipment) - Laboratory measuring instruments, balances, incubators, various laboratory equipment for measurement and testing, and the like This subgroup does not include: - Telephone answering machine industry, see 2631 - Irradiation equipment industry, see 2660 - Optical examination and measuring equipment (e.g., fire control equipment, light measuring devices for photography, distance measuring instruments), see 2679 - Optical placement equipment industry, see 2679 - Dictation machine industry, see 2817 - Simple measuring equipment industry (e.g., roll meters), similar tools, and precision machine tools, see 2819 - Medical thermometer equipment industry, see 3250 - Installation of industrial process control equipment, see 3320"

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