Other Rubber Product Industry

This subcategory includes: - Other products made from synthetic and natural rubber, whether unvulcanized, vulcanized, or hardened, such as rubber in sheet, sheeting, pieces, bars, and profile shapes; rubber tubes, pipes, or hoses for water; rubber conveyor belts; hygienic rubber goods such as condoms, nipples, hot water bottles, and others; rubber goods for clothing (if only assembled, not sewn); rubber threads and cords; knitted or woven rubber threads and fabric; rubber tools, rings, and seals; rubber roller frame covers; inflatable rubber mattresses; and inflatable balloons. - Rubber brush industry. - Hard rubber pipe stalks for hot steam. - Comb, hairpin, hair roller, and similar industries for hard rubber. This subcategory also includes: - Rubber repair material industry. - Textile fabric industry impregnated, coated, or laminated with rubber, where rubber is the main material. - Waterbed mattress industry. - Rubber hats and bathing suits industry. - Raincoat and diving suit industry made from rubber. - Rubber sex toys industry. This subcategory does not include: - Tire cord wire industry, see 1399. - Elastic fabric clothing industry, see 1411. - Rubber footwear industry, see 1520. - Rubber-based adhesive or glue industry, see 2029. - "Camelback" piece industry, see 2211. - Inflatable rafts and boats, see 3011, 3012. - Rubber mattresses (without air cells), see 3100. - Rubber sports equipment industry, except clothing, see 3230. - Rubber sporting and toy equipment industry (including children's rubber swimming pools, inflatable rubber boats for children, inflatable rubber animals for children, balls, and others), see 3240. - Rubber reclamation, see 3830.

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