Other Chemical Products Industry, N.E.C

This subcategory includes: - Explosive powder industry. - Explosive articles and fireworks industry, including plugs, detonators, signal fireworks. - Gelatin and its derivatives industry, glue, including rubber glue and its derivatives. - Natural aromatic product extract industry. - Damar product industry. - Aromatic distilled water industry. - Aroma product mixing industry for perfume or food industry use. - Photographic plates, film, and other photosensitive paper industry. - Chemical equipment for photography purposes. - Various chemical product industries, such as peptone, peptone derivatives, other protein substances and their derivatives, natural oils (essential oils), chemically modified oils and fats, substances used for textiles and leather, powders and pastes used in soldering and heating, substances used for metals, cement mixtures, activated carbon, lubricating oil additives, rubber accelerator preparations, catalysts, and other chemical products for industrial use, anti-knock preparations, anti-freeze preparations, diagnostic reagents, and laboratory reagents. This subcategory also includes: - Writing ink and drawing ink industry. - Match industry. This subcategory does not include: - Chemically defined compound industry with large quantities, see 2011. - Distilled water industry, see 2011. - Synthetic aromatic product industry, see 2011. - Printing ink industry, see 2022. - Perfume and toilet preparations industry, see 2023. - Asphalt-based adhesive industry, see 2399.

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