Basic Chemical Industry

This subcategory includes the chemical industry that uses basic processes such as thermal separation and distillation. The outcomes of these processes typically involve separating chemical elements or separating chemical mixtures. This subcategory encompasses: - Industries involving liquefaction or compression of inorganic gases or medical gases, such as basic gases, liquefied or compressed air, refrigerant gases, mixed industrial gases, inert gases (noble gases) like carbon dioxide and insulating gases. - Industries for dyes and pigments from various sources in their basic or concentrated forms. - Chemical element industries. - Inorganic acid industries, excluding nitric acid. - Alkali industries, alkali solutions, and other basic inorganic substances, excluding ammonia. - Other inorganic compound industries. - Basic organic chemical industries, such as acyclic, saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons; cyclic, saturated, and unsaturated hydrocarbons; cyclic and acyclic alcohols; mono and polycarbon acids, including acetic acid; other oxygen compound substances, including aldehydes, ketones, quinones, and dual or polyoxygen compounds; synthetic glycerol; organic nitrogen compound substances, including amines; fermentation of sugar cane, corn, or similar crops to produce alcohol and esters; other organic compound substances, including wood distillation products (e.g., wood charcoal) and others. - Distilled water industries. - Synthetic aromatic product industries. - Iron pyrite roasting. This subcategory also includes: - Industries producing similar products used as igniters or luminophores (luminous substances). - Uranium and thorium ore enrichment and the production of fuel elements for nuclear reactors. This subcategory does not include: - Methane, ethane, butane, or propane extraction, see 0620. - Fuel gas industries like ethane, butane, or propane at petroleum refineries, see 1921. - Nitrogen fertilizers and nitrogen compound substance industries, see 2012. - Ammonia industries, see 2012. - Potassium nitrite and nitrate industries, see 2012. - Ammonium carbonate industries, see 2012. - Basic form plastic industries, see 2013. - Basic form synthetic rubber industries, see 2013. - Dye and pigment industries, see 2022. - Crude glycerol industries, see 2023. - Natural essential oil industries, see 2029. - Aromatic distilled water industries, see 2029. - Salicylic acid and o-acetylsalicylic acid industries, see 2101.

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